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2013 Vision Award Winners
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2013 Vision Award Winners

Above & Beyond Award

Franz Eisenbauer, Creekside of Plymouth

Franz was elected to the board of directors at Creekside of Plymouth HOA in the mid 90’s. Over the years, he has held most of the different officer positions at different times. Over his tenure on the board they have dealt with 2 large storm claims resulting in insurance settlements, a couple Special Assessments, a serious slip/fall injury, and a multiyear exterior renovation along with the usual litany of community living issues. In a day and age when it is hard to get anyone to show up at a board meeting, 16 years is going Above and Beyond.

Business Partner Excellence in Service

Justin Moe, All Ways Drains

All Ways Drains has consistently proven themselves to be dedicated to client satisfaction. After a major water line break at a high-rise building they were on scene helping diagnose the issue and contacting various other vendors to contain the problem. They exceeded expectations by going beyond their scope of work by providing 24 hour fire watch until the fire sprinkler system was able to be turned back on. The owner, Justin Moe who was on site immediately after the break occurred contacted me and walked me through what was done and what I needed to complete the following business day. The way they handled this entire project was far beyond the call of duty.

Outstanding Community Buildling

Bush Terrace Homeowners Association

The Board of Directors, Eight Building Reps and other active members of the community are in strong communication with the owners of Bush Terrace with Newsletters, weekly postings and informational meetings with the owners. The activity the Bush Terrace team is working on right now is Going Green through trash, composting, recycling, economical lighting and striving towards solar heat and energy. The Bush Terrace Association is involved with the Bancroft Neighborhood Committee. The Association has meetings they call YOFAB where owners sit and chat about community events, volunteer with programs or putting on one of the five social events they have each year.

Excellence in Service

Kim Schultz

Kim Schultz, Gittleman Management Corporation

Kim Schultz is a dedicated Association Manager who oversees the smooth operation of several of Gittleman Management Corporation’s high profile condominium high rises and an urban townhome association all in downtown Minneapolis. The consistent praise and thanks she receives from Board Members and homeowners is a testimony to her dedication to the efficiency and well-being of the communities she manages. From negotiating full-building repairs to consistently obtaining quorum at annual meetings, Kim demonstrates her attention to both the big picture and critical details that make a difference in community association living.

Financial Impact Award

Carin Rosengren

Carin Rosengren, Keller Property Management

Carin worked with her Boards, Legal and other experts to realize three settlements with builders totaling over $1M. This year three of Carin's associations will complete hundreds of thousands of dollars in much-needed repairs. Carin met the attorneys at her first CAI-MN golf event in 2010 and they began work quickly to beat a six-year warranty mark that was critical to the outcome. Another of Carin's associations is the subject of the City of Lakeville's first ever Housing Improvement Area (HIA), and this year will see new siding for its 13 buildings, thanks to a process Carin started two years ago with the city and with the county’s Community Development Agency.

Homeowers Association of the Year

The Jonathan Association

The Jonathan Association

Jonathan in Chaska is a special part of the best small town in Minnesota….and it’s also the largest homeowner’s association in the state! During the last year, the Jonathan Association faced two litigations which proved to be a challenge on several levels; however, both settlements resulted in Jonathan’s favor. Despite great legal and additional meeting costs, the Jonathan did not have any special assessments. Instead, they also managed to replace three tot lots, plant 50 + boulevard trees, and several other landscaping updates. In 2012, it really did take a village and resulted in a very productive year!

Rookie of the Year

Meggan AndersonMeggan Anderson, Community Development, Inc.

Meggan Anderson joined Community Development October 2012 as a Community Manager. Although working with Associations was very new to Meggan, she jumped right in and began learning the industry and picked up a portfolio of Associations. Meggan has several associations that are dealing with high collection issues and the need for preventative maintenance. Meggan’s thoroughness recently caught an error in an Insurance renewal. The company placed umbrella coverage that the Board elected not to include. This provided a "savings” to the Board of $850.