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MCL May/June 2014 - Spring Walk-Throughs - Roofing Tops the List
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Spring Walk-Throughs - Roofing Tops the List

by G. Leonard West, LS West, LLC

Spring has arrived and there is much work to be done. Roof inspections are at the top of the list. Along with your clipboard, bring a set of binoculars and a camera with a good close-up lens. Please be careful. A safe inspection is imperative. An experienced professional should inspect roof areas/items that cannot be observed from the ground or a safe area of a flat roof.

Let’s get started

  • Damage from snow and ice removal: Items to look for include damaged or missing shingles/shakes at bottom edges or valley areas. Punctures or tears in flat roof membranes, especially at perimeter edges and primary drain and scupper drain assemblies. Check all vents for possible damage from foot traffic or mechanical damage.

  • Wind damage: Items to look for include missing or lifted shingles/shakes. Missing rain caps at exhaust flues. Loose vinyl siding at rooftop areas can expose sheet metal flashing. Flat roof membranes that are wrinkled (may require service). Loose perimeter copings of flat roofs. Vents and sheet metal that appear to be damaged.

  • Inspect Masonry-Brick-Stucco: Cracks in masonry, damaged brick facing and water/rust stains on stucco could indicate a possible roof leak.

  • Keep all trees, vines and plantings trimmed back from roof edges.

  • Do a walk-through of interior common areas — water stains on ceilings and/or walls may indicate a possible roof leak.
    Roofs (especially white flat roofs) should be clean and free of debris.

  • Gutters should be cleaned and maintained for proper draining.

When you establish your repair list, be aware of any warranties that may exist for your roof system. There may be repairs (wind damage/leaks) that are covered by the workmanship warranty. Address repairs promptly to minimize any resulting damage. Again, be safe and enjoy the spring season.

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