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LAC Report: May-June 2008
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Minnesota Community Living May/June 2008

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By Sara Lassila

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CAI-MN Legislative Action Committee Activity Report
By Jack Bouquet

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CAI-MN Legislative Action Committee Activity Report Back to Index

By Jack Bouquet, Esq., Thomsen & Nybeck, P.A.

The CAI Minnesota Legislative Action Committee (LAC) has been busy. A summary of the items being worked on is as follows:

  1. The committee is working with the Secretary of State in order to develop a more readily accessible list of associations by type for contact by the State of Minnesota, municipalities, and other interested parties.
  2. An amendment is being worked on to make the reserve requirements more beneficial to associations and more transparent to purchasers.
  3. Your LAC has been working with the League of Cities and CIC Midwest to better protect the associations in which utility shutoffs occur. HF 3229 proposes that a central database be maintained for addresses that are 30 days away from having utilities shut off so city/county officials are able to respond. We would like the associations in which the shutoffs are occurring to also be included.
  4. Your LAC is also looking at the issue of clarifying statutory language used by association members.
  5. The form and content of the resale certificate and accounting controls are being reviewed.
  6. Legislators sponsoring foreclosure legislation are being contacted to make sure they consider the interests of associations with foreclosures.
  7. Joel Hilgendorf, a member of the Board of Directors and liaison to the Legislative Action Committee, is keeping the LAC informed as to chapter-wide activities.
  8. Solar legislation sponsors are working with CAI to produce legislation that considers the unique nature of community associations. Our own .Paul Hanscom was quoted in a recent article.
  9. The legislation that is currently being considered by the 2008 Legislature is being tracked through use of the CAI national tracking service.
  10. Your LAC is meeting on a monthly basis during the legislative session and is making legislators aware of CAI’s position on legislation affecting community associations.
  11. Legislation providing for automatic approval of document revisions is being drafted.

Your LAC is hard at work representing your interests. Please let me know if you have any questions concerning the activities of the LAC or any of the matters on which the LAC is working.

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